For time immemorial, India has considered tea to be synonymous with Chai – a milky, sweetened and sometimes spiced blend of tea leaves. In more recent times, Green Tea, Oolong tea and herbal teas have gained popularity, but they’re still consumed in their most basic forms.
Our founder – Rashi Sanghvi, knew of tea only as the breakfast chai her parents drank to kick start their days. That was until she discovered the infinite flavour combinations of tea during her travels in the chill of Boston and the spice markets of Turkey. She realised that India had very little knowledge of the variations of tea on offer, and took it upon herself to show the world’s second largest producer of tea how it could be enjoyed in new and flavourful ways. She established Gardner Street as a brand that experiments with fruits, flowers, herbs and high quality tea leaves to create an irresistible, healthy beverage that can be cherished at more than just the breakfast table.

At Gardner Street, we seek out the best quality whole tea leaves and blend them with real, full-bodied herbs, flowers and fruits to offers blends that delight your senses.
We’re here to make sure that health and happiness are just a brew away.

Why drink


Helps with weight loss
Boosts the immune system
Fights Cancer
Clears the skin
Reduces signs of aging
Substantially less caffeine than coffee

The Gardner Street


Unlike regular paper teabags, our silken sachets have a unique pyramid shape. The material does not contain any bleach and hence our sachets do not release any unwanted chemicals into your tea. Moreover, regular teabags are opaque and hide the low quality ingredients within; Our teabags are transparent because we have nothing to hide!

We use whole tea leaves that are full of nutrients and high levels of ECGC which is the primary catalyst for weight loss in green tea. Regular teabags, on the other hand, are filled with tea dust that is leftover after leaves are picked for export. This dust contains very little, if any, ECGC.

All Gardner Street teas are flavoured with real ingredients like rose petals and lemongrass pieces which have numerous health benefits. We use no artificial colours or flavours so what you get is whole tea leaves and real natural herbs, flowers and fruits!

Rashi has always had a passion for hospitality. She was drawn towards the joy of eating and drinking, and decided early on that she wanted to work in the food & beverage industy. While completing her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Massachusetts, she interned with a US based organic snack company and, once finished, she followed that with a stint in management at a New York based Tea brand.

Armed with the experience from well established companies in the F&B sector, she began her journey with Tea – establishing Gardner Street – named after the street in Boston where she lived during her studies. The street where the need for a warming, healthy beverage, and the idea of experimenting with tea flavours took birth!

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