We all need some help keeping our New Year’s resolutions. Luckily for you, Gardner Street has a tea for every resolution! Take a look at some of our favorites that are sure to see you through the year.

Resolution 1 – Sleep on time – Lavender Love


We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Your days are more productive, maintaining your weight is easier and you’re just a more pleasant person to be around! However, in the age of Netflix, Instagram and of course that gripping book, our minds are always stimulated and we are constantly tossing and turning till exhaustion catches up at 2 am! Our sleep inducer Lavender Love, with the ever fragrant and mild sedative lavender, combined with sweet peppermint and rose petals is here to calm your senses and lull them into a dream-filled slumber.

Resolution 2 – Take care of my skin – Glow

Exposure to this heavily polluted air, erratic eating and drinking habits and living by deadlines with no time for anything else often takes a toll on our skin. Even the most responsible of us, don’t find time for daily face packs and tonics. The unfortunate outcome of these things is that our skin starts looking dull and listless and unfortunately no amount of make-up can fix that. While you may not have time for a face pack, you do have time for a cup of tea. Make sure you make it count by introducing our Glow tea to your tea time routine. This blend of anti-oxidant rich green, nature’s botox hibiscus and marigold petals will fight signs of ageing and damage and bring a natural shine to your face.

Resolution 3 – Lose holiday weight – Detox

Holidays and vacations are filled with laughter and experiences, these experiences however often revolve around food and drinks and most of us come back with that depressing feeling of being bloated. While getting back to a healthy routine with lighter, nutritious meals and an occasional drink is a long-term solution, we can all do with a little push in the right direction to get us feeling slightly better immediately. This is where our Detox tea comes in. This combination of metabolism enhancing whole leaf green tea, natural diuretic lemongrass and the super digestive ginger is great to give you a jump start in achieving your mission to lose that holiday weight is 2018! We actually suggest making it a part of your daily tea time ritual in 2018 for a boost to your everyday routine.

Resolution 4 – Adopt a healthier lifestyle – Chinese Whispers

Many of us often make this resolution but don’t know where to start. There are a few tiny changes that we can definitely make to help us live healthier lives. We would like to recommend replacing your evening chai with our Chinese Whispers green tea. This whole leaf tea is made from anti-oxidant rich green tea and real jasmine flowers. This combination is the secret behind the long, healthy lives, great hair, skin and weight management of the Chinese population. Combine this with things like cutting back on unnecessary sugar, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking while talking on the phone and you will enter 2019 on a much healthier note.

Resolution 5 – Spend more time with family – Kashmiri Kahwa

They say that “The family that dines together, stays together”. With everyone on their own schedule, it becomes almost impossible to get everyone to sit for an entire meal together. At the same time, we all know how important family is and not spending enough time with family often tends to be the biggest regret people have. Make sure you have none of this by ensuring that you take out 15 minutes of your day just twice a week to share a cup of this rich blend with those you love. Filled with saffron, almonds and rose petals this blend while being great for digestion also appeals to everyone across generations.

These easy and delicious solutions to get started on your resolutions are the perfect way to get on track. They actually make us want to take more. No more excuses!

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