Beat the monsoon blues

Stop the monsoons from playing havoc with your body with these five easy ways to boost your immunity

“I think it’s going to rain today!” How many times in the past week have we wished for this statement to come true? Most of May has been spent discussing—and actually praying—that this year, the monsoon will come earlier. But while the downpour does provide us with much needed respite from the summer heat, it comes with it’s own set of issues. I’m talking coughs, sniffles and fevers that seem to overtake our bodies with a vengeance. So rather than taking a few sick days, boost your immunity with these five easy tricks.

1.     Green tea’s the way to go

A rainy day calls for sipping on something hot. But rather than the usual milky, sugary ‘chai’, we recommend that you switch to a high quality whole-leaf green tea. And Gardner Street’s Heal Tea is the perfect choice. Apart from the added benefit of cutting down on sugar and caffeine consumption, whole leaf green tea enables you to stack up on antioxidants that speed up your metabolism while helping your body combat diseases and get rid of harmful toxins. But Heal takes this a step further by combining Ginger, Peppermint and Tulsi together to give you one virus-fighting magic potion. As your grandma will tell you, ginger and tulsi are one of the best cures for the common cold, while also fighting a number of allergies. Adding to this, peppermint helps break a fever and sooths an itchy throat, thanks to menthol.

2.     Raid the spice cabinet

Another way to make sure the tissues stay away this monsoon is to make sure the food you eat is making your body is strong, internally. Do this by including neem, turmeric powder and methi seeds in your diet, as they are natural antibiotics.

3.     Make water your BFF

Due to the increased humidity during the monsoons, we need to insure that our body is not dehydrated and in turn more susceptible to falling ill. So make sure you keep up with your eight glasses of water.

4.     Lime and honey is a sweet match

Boost your immunity further by sipping on some lemon juice mixed with honey. Not only will it help your digestive system, it will also leave you feeling stronger and healthier. And if you don’t want to have this plain, you can always add it to your cup of green tea.

5.     Get in some fibre

Cleanse out your stomach and intestine with a diet that’s high in fibre but not too heavy. Grains such as oats, brown rice and barley are easily absorbed by the body and don’t leave you feeling bloated.

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