Now, no more Bloating with ‘Light’

Light—the only drink you need to reduce boating and boost digestion

‘Last bite. I’m done. Ok fine one more.’ How many times have we uttered these words? When our favourite food is put in front of us, we are all guilty of over indulging. And while that may satisfy our cravings, we often feel like we’re going to rip our clothes because we’ve overeaten. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was something simple that could cure this heavy feeling almost instantly?

Introducing Light, the latest addition to Gardner Street’s Wellness range of premium green tea. Specially curated to take care of your tummy when you binge eat or even when you’re feeling bloated, Light is the ideal post-meal drink. And that’s all because of its amazing ingredients.

As we all know, green tea is good for digestion thanks to its antioxidants. But Light goes beyond your average cuppa to include fennel, star anise, liquorice and mint, all which help to reduce that extra bulge.

Used as a digestive aid for centuries, fennel can help reduce heartburn, gas and bloating. Known as an antispasmodic, it relaxes the digestive tract, leaving you without that heavy and full feeling.

A common spice used in Indian cuisine, star anise has other uses besides making our mouths salivate. This small flower-shaped herb is also therapeutic for those with a binging problem as it regulates digestion to ease a full belly.

Apart from fennel and star anise, Light also contains trace amounts of liquorice that is used to cure acid reflux, calming down your stomach after a heavy meal. Along with this, it also contains mint that has long been used world over to aid digestion. Because it increases bile secretion, mint helps to speed up digestion, easing you discomfort quickly.

So the next time you gorge on that last slice of pizza or bite of chocolate cake, make sure that you have a sachet of Light around. Simply steep it for two to three minutes and sip the bloating away.

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