Did you know that only 8 per cent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions? So if you want to boast at the end of the year that you actually stuck to them, read on.

Be it to lose weight, get healthier, take care of your skin, sleep on time or be more alert at work, we all have things that we would like to work on. The New Year brings with it the promise of a new beginning, which is why this is the perfect time to start achieving those goals we’ve wanted to reach. But by the middle of January most people are already struggling and come February a lot are likely to just give up. So if you want to know how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, read on.


1) Focus on a few goals

You may have decided to ‘go big’. But this is easier said than done. Start with focusing on a few goals that are manageable and once you’ve achieved them, you can move on to the next few.


2) Make your goal a part of your routine

When you start out, try to integrate your resolutions into your everyday life. Walk while you talk on the phone, wash your face when you change your clothes, or anything else that doesn’t take too much time out of your routine. A simple switch for those of you who have resolved to adopt healthier habits is to include sipping on a cup of high-quality green tea rather than your evening sugar and milk ‘chai’. Gardner Street has a variety of teas that can help you get healthier (Detox), lose weight, (Light), get glowing skin (Glow) or even to help you get a good night’s sleep (Lavender Love).

3) Set weekly targets

Set some time every week to see how your week went. Did you take the stairs at least once a day? How many cigarettes did you have? Knowing how many times you made an effort to stick to your resolutions each week will help you move forward next week. All you have to do is keep doing better than the week before.


4) Celebrate small successes

If you are constantly thinking only about the moment when you achieve your goal, you will most likely feel discouraged along the way when things don’t go too well one week. Instead give yourself a pat on the back for even the small successes. Been on top of work the whole week? Yay you! Woke up on time every day?  That’s awesome. Take pride in small achievements so that you are motivated to stay focused on the larger goal.


5) Truly believe in yourself

Keep reminding yourself that you can see your resolution through. And even if you slip up a few times, keep going. Remember, there still a long way to go until the end of the year, so stay positive and don’t focus on the slip-ups. After all, it is YOUR year and you can achieve anything you put your mind to!


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