Goodbye Acidity! By Pooja Bhargava

If you’ve ever dealt with a bloated belly, low energy levels, constant headaches or heaviness in your chest then this post is for you. Acidity is one of the most common concerns that plague all of us. And to make matters worse, with the addition of with stress, wrong eating habits, ignorance, pesticides, pollution, alcohol and the environment, this can snowball into more worrying diseases.

One of the easiest ways to rid yourself of these nagging troubles is to improve your digestion. A change in your lifestyle, along with the right food and a positive mind-set will ensure that your acidity will be a distant memory.

But rather than making a conscious effort in that direction, most of us would rather pop a pill for quick relief. Even though antacids do provide some relief, the effects are only temporary and don’t really get to the root of the problem

Worldwide, people are turning to traditional practises that use natural food to heal. Ayurveda, which has been practised in our country for around 5,000 years, uses  herbs, spices and natural food sources to heal and build strong immunity.

But sometimes, when you’re caught up, and don’t have enough resources or the time to take care of a sudden bout of acidity, turn to Gardner Street. One of the best resources to abate digestive issues, Gardner Street’s teas are completely natural—straight from the kitchen shelf. Their readily available concoction of teas can provide relief in the nick of time.

I recommend that you try their South African Rooibos that works wonders on your digestive system thanks to the hibiscus present in the tea.

Along with this, their Light tea works well when one feels bloated and stuffed. Made with fennel, it has a calming effect and is combined with mint, giving an abundance of vitamin C, while warding off that bloated gut feeling.

Another one of their must-try teas is Moroccan Mint. Blended with cinnamon and licorice, it can boost your energy levels and help you get through the day with a smile.

Apart form this; I suggest that you avoid consuming acidic foods like coffee, meat, canned foods, processed sugars, fried foods, alcoholic drinks and whole fat dairy products and include foods like:

  • Papaya, carrot, pear, banana, apple, spinach celery, and watermelon
  • Basil seeds mixed with water to help cool your stomach
  • Carrot and celery juice once a day to ease any bloating
  • Garlic which also works effectively on acidity
  • Almonds which improve the function of the brain and help digestion
  • Avocados that neutralize acids in the gut
  • A glass of lemon water when you wake up
  • Asparagus that has powerful antioxidants and provides a lot of water to enable digestive enzyme activity
  • Cayenne Pepper to improve blood circulation

So I suggest you ditch that pill and ease your acidity the natural way.

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