Gardner Street Teas are not only delicious but also very healthy. Read on to know the benefits of drinking green tea!

The new health drink on the market, green tea has actually been consumed for thousands of years, thanks to its innumerable benefits.

Want to loose weight? Have some green tea.

Want glowing skin? Sip on some green tea.

But what are the real reasons behind this? Read on to find out more to find out the benefits of consuming green tea regularly.

1. It helps you shed those extra pounds 
Green tea is a natural source of anti-oxidants that help fight and prevent cell damage. That’s why your average cuppa can help you lose weight as it gives your metabolism a boost. We recommend that you make yourself a nice pot before you plan on hitting the gym.

2. It can control heart problems 
Tannin is a natural ingredient found in green tea and if consumed in moderation, is good for your heart. Besides reducing your cholesterol levels, it also decreases the risk of heart disease and strokes. So now you can drink your way to a healthier heart.

3. It gives you an energy boost without the jitters
For those of you who want to avoid the side effects of caffeine-rich drinks like coffee or energy drinks, then green tea is your go-to. Containing less amount of caffeine, it gives you the perfect jolt of energy you need to start your day.

4. It keep your breath fresh
Having bad breath can be quite a turn off. And while popping a mint may help you for a while, the real problem can be combatted with a cup of green tea. A cup a day can slow down the growth of bacteria in your mouth that leads to bad breath.

5. It can help you look younger 
All of us want to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines that make us look so much older. Rich in anti-oxidants, green tea is a natural way of getting younger skin. That’s why there are so many products are using green tea as a core ingredient.

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Thanks for sharing such unusual benefits of Green Tea. I am going to share your blog in my social channels.
Great job!

Thanks for your kind words ! A good quality whole-leaf tea has so many benefits that it was hard to pick just 5 :p
Please do let us know when you share the posts on your social media channel. Have a great day x

Thank you for sharing the tips.

So glad you found them useful 🙂

wow!! great and informative post, I really like this post. you describe perfectly about the Benefits of Green Tea.

Thanks Manu ! These are just few of the many benefits that a good quality whole leaf green tea can provide 🙂

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