Travel trials—how to stay healthy while on vacation?


If you’re wondering how to stay healthy while travelling this summer, we’ve got the advice you need


You’ve spent months at the gym working towards that perfect summer bod. And now that your vacation is right around the corner, you’re beginning to worry all that hard work will go down the drain and you’ll come back looking puffier than ever. Well, we’ve got some easy to do tricks that will help you stay in shape while you hop around the world this holiday season.


  1. Mind your meals

When you travel, it’s hard not to be tempted by all the good, local food around you. But instead of binging the whole day, stick to your normal meal times and portion sizes. If you are traveling in a group, share your meals rather than overeat to finish your dish. Try to include at least one fresh meal a day and don’t forget to include loads of veggies in your travel diet. Keep sugar to a minimum by getting one dessert to share. If you can, head to a grocery store and pack a snack to munch on throughout the day.


  1. Stock up on liquids

During your vacation, you will be walking around more than usual. So remember to always carry some water with you. Better yet, make some cold brew green tea and carry it around in a thermos. The Glow and Chinese Whispers work best to sip on all day.Besides helping you stay hydrated, sipping on a good quality green tea can help you digest those heavy meals, ensure your skin stays fresh and can give you a boost of energy to keep you going all day.

  1. Throw in a workout

While you are out exploring the city, multi task and get a workout in. Instead of taking a bus or cab to a nearby location, try jogging there or try going for a run on the beach instead of a walk. There are also many simple workouts like lunges, squats and crunches or YouTube videos that you can do in your hotel room while you wait for your crew to get ready.

  1. Drink responsibly

All of us want to let loose on holiday. But make sure that doesn’t result in too many cocktails. If you can, have your favourite spirit on the rocks or with some ice rather than with sugary juices or sodas. Alternately, sipping on a glass of wine won’t set you back too much. Make sure that you have a glass of water in between each drink to make sure that you don’t get dehydrated.

  1. Hit the sack

We’re all guilty of skipping on sleep when on holiday. With all the exploring to do, sleep seems like a waste of time. But to ensure that you stay healthy through out your holiday, make sure you get enough shuteye. With all the walking and jet lag, your body needs to recuperate more than ever.


So, are you ready to get on that flight?

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