Prep for the monsoon with Green Tea

With the monsoon in full swing, falling sick seems inevitable. But if you want to stay sniffle and cough free, we’ve got just the cure for you

The monsoon signals the end of summer, the end of those long sweltering summer days. While it replenishes our lakes, gives us a reason to skip work and us an excuse to binge on our favourite deep-fried food, the monsoon also brings with it colds, coughs and fevers. So instead of popping antibiotics and knocking back cough syrup, why not try a healthier, more natural way to keep the diseases at bay?

Gardner Street’s Heal Tea is the perfect alternative to medicines as it combines Tulsi, Ginger and Mint into one magical pot of green tea that is sure to leave you feeling better in no time. Using only the highest quality, anti-oxidant rich whole tea leaves in silken teabags, it makes sure that it boosts your immunity in the healthiest way possible.

A time-tested remedy for colds and coughs, tulsi helps to increase your immunity and helps your body fight infections. What’s more, it also has essential oils like camphene, eugenol and cineole, which help to give you some relief from all that congestion. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that also help fight those allergies at bay.

Ginger is another natural root that can help keep diseases at bay. It contains compounds that help reduce the effects of free radicals, while reducing the risk of developing diseases. Apart from this, ginger also has anti-bacterial properties and when combined with tulsi give you better protection against infections.

To get some relief from a stuffy nose or the constant coughing, mint’s cooling and soothing effects naturally help relieving congestion.

So instead of sipping on that cup of hot chocolate or wishing you were outside getting on with your day, choose the healthier option – have some of Gardner Street’s Heal tea and feel better in no time!

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