Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers

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Green Tea with Jasmine

Light and floral blend with the delicate flavour of jasmine coming through.

20 silken sachets
Each silken sachet makes 2 cups of tea
Caffeine quantity: 

Health Benefits: Expedites weight loss, Relieves Stress

Invoke the magic with this subtly sweet and highly fragrant blend of real jasmine flowers with green tea. Regular consumption of this Chinese staple will speed up your metabolism and have you feeling light and energetic in no time. Great to expedite weight loss and burn that fat you’ve been trying to lose.

Ingredients: Green tea, real jasmine flowers

Brewing instructions

Water temperature>85° C or just under boiling water temperature.
To get the water to this temperature, take boiling water and then let it stand for 2-3 minutes. This will ensure the water it not too hot so as to destroy the leaves, yet warm enough for a flavourful cup of tea.
Brewing time2.5 to 3 minutes