Green Tea with Tulsi, Ginger and Mint

Light and earthy blend which starts off with a taste of the tusli and fresh green tea leaves Finishes off with a well-rounded taste of sweetness and a slight spice from mint and ginger respectively

20 silken sachets
Each silken sachet makes 2 cups of tea
Caffeine quantity: 

Health Benefits: Great to soothe a sore throat, Helps in weight loss

The next time you feel a fever coming on, take a swig of our Heal blend and bid adieu to your woes. The antioxidants in this green tea boost immunity, the ginger warms the insides, the spearmint calms the system and last but not the least, the ayurvedic powerhouse that is tulsi heals every fibre of the body. Ah, doesn’t that feel better? Next time you have a sore throat and a cold you know what to look for!

Ingredients: Green Tea, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Ginger Pieces, Mint Leaves

Brewing instructions

Water temperature>85° C or just under boiling water temperature.
To get the water to this temperature, take boiling water and then let it stand for 2-3 minutes. This will ensure the water it not too hot so as to destroy the leaves, yet warm enough for a flavourful cup of tea.
Brewing time2.5 to 3 minutes