White Raspberry

White Raspberry


White Tea with Raspberry and Rose Petals

Light and juicy blend with a delicious looking red brew. Delicate on the palate, starting off light and with an aftertaste of sweet fruits
15 silken sachets
Each silken sachet makes 2 cups of tea
Caffeine quantity: 

Health Benefits: Helps with fat loss, Stops the process of skin ageing

With more anti-oxidants than green tea and significantly less caffeine, these subtly sweet and delicate White tea leaves are the perfect remedy for a long day. The addition of delicate rose petals and raspberry, adds a delicious nuance to this blend.

When consumed regularly, white tea prevents the creation of fat cells in the body and reduces visible signs of skin ageing.

Great to fight the signs of ageing

Ingredients: White tea, Rose Petals, Natural Raspberry Flavour

Brewing instructions

Water temperature>85° C or just under boiling water temperature.
To get the water to this temperature, take boiling water and then let it stand for 2-3 minutes. This will ensure the water it not too hot so as to destroy the leaves, yet warm enough for a flavourful cup of tea.
Brewing time2.5 to 3 minutes