Diwali has come and gone. And now you’re left with the consequences of your binge eating at all those taash parties. Although you might have convinced yourself that Diwali binges don’t count, but are now feeling the ‘weight’ of your decision. Instead of beating yourself up, just follow these 5 easy Diwali detox tips to get your body back on track.

1. Make fruits and veggies your best friend

Cleanse your system from all the unhealthy treats by loading up on fruits and veggies. Green vegetables like spinach, celery and artichokes, along with fruits like grapes, oranges, melons and bananas help to detoxify your body. In addition to this, consider including ginger, garlic and cinnamon in your diet to reduce bloating.

2. Sip on wellness focused green teas

Green tea has a number of health benefits, which include detoxifying your body and preventing bloating. Therefore, we suggest you start your day with a cup of Gardner Street’s Detox Tea. The warm tea along with the super-digestive ginger and nature’s diuretic lemongrass helps in increasing your metabolism and reducing bloating, leaving you feeling good all day long. In the evening, switch it up with Gardner Street’s Light Tea that’s rich in anti-oxidants. Combining fennel, star anise, mint and green tea, it’s sure to get you on the right track in no time.

3. Say no to carbs

After all the biryani and parathas you’ve consumed during the festivities, it’s time to give your body a break from an overload of carbs. Start a low carb, high protein diet that’s sure to keep you full without the bloating. Foods like eggs, pulses and light meats are ideal.

4. Reboot your exercise routine

No Diwali detox is complete without exercise, so restart your exercise regime with shorter, but more intense sessions. A 30-minute, moderately intense workout will have you shedding that extra weight in no time. Alternately, you can take a break from the gym and enroll in some dance classes or go for a swim to get your Pre-Diwali body back.

5. Naps are the enemy

After Diwali, we all just want to roll over and not wake up. Or try to squeeze in a nap here and there. But this could seriously affect your body’s metabolism. Besides constantly feeling lethargic, you could also start to feel acidic, as your body’s digestive system is not working at its best. So fight the yawns and go to bed early at night to wake up feeling energized.

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