Whole Tea Goodness

The Whole reason for having Whole Leaf Tea


Whole leaf tea. Tea dust. You must have heard these terms a million times before. And while they are both commonly used in the tea world, we’re going to tell you why whole leaf tea is the only real tea option.


The basics:

Once processed, tea is sorted into various grades—the smaller the tealeaf, the lower the grade. The lowest grade possible is called tea dust, which is what you get when tealeaves are broken into fine particles. This is what is found in most commercial tea bags.


The bigger the better: 

Whole leaf tea, as the name suggests keeps the tea leaf intact, giving you a higher grade of tea as compared to tea dust. This is preferable as these big leaves contain most of the antioxidants and nutrients that we want from our tea, while maintaining the leaf’s essential oils. Additionally, these tealeaves have a better flavour and aroma, while releasing less tannins when steeped. Tannins are responsible for the bitter flavour and astringency in your green tea.


The final result:

At Gardner Street, we’re committed to giving you the best taste and health benefits possible, which is why we only use whole leaf tea in our tea bags. That’s why when you make a cuppa with one of our tea bags, you get a fuller, more complex flavour with a top note, middle note and finish—the closest you can come to experience tea that’s directly plucked. Now doesn’t that sound tea-licious?

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