Get the Most of Your Workout with Green Tea

Be it sports, gym, yoga or even running, when it comes to exercise, we all focus on our core workout, often forgetting that what we do before is equally important. That’s why we’ve made things easier for you and listed out the five things you definitely need to do before you head out for your daily dose of exercise.

1. Get your beauty sleep

Working out when you’re sleep deprived is a big no-no. The time you rest is when your body creates energy, enough to get you through your workout. Also, during the time you get some shuteye is when your muscles get time to recover. So if you can’t get in at least seven hours of sleep, we suggest you skip your session and make sure you go to bed early.


2. Sip on some green tea

If you really want to give your workout an extra boost, try having a cup of green tea before you start exercising. Besides having multiple health benefits, green tea can also increase your endurance thanks to its low caffeine content, while helping you to burn fat and increasing your metabolism. And if it gets too hot outside, pour it over ice to have a refreshing drink with the same benefits. Make sure you choose a high quality blend with anti-oxidant rich whole tea leaves like this jasmine flower infused green tea blend.

3. Drink up

Water plays an important role in your fitness regime. This is because when you sweat, you lose water, which can make you dehydrated. That’s why it’s better to start sipping on water 90 minutes before you intend to workout. By the time you start training, you should finish at least two to three glasses.

4. Shake and move

Some of us tend to forget to warm-up before we workout, which is actually counter-productive. A warm-up allows your body to prepare for what you are about to do by gradually raising your body temperature while loosening your body and helping to prevent injuries. So the next time you’re running a little late for your workout, remember to cut your class short and not your warm-up.

5. Save eating for later

Whether you’re working out in the mornings or evenings, it is important that you don’t workout straight after eating. Besides giving you cramps, eating before a workout can actually prevent you from burning fat. This is because your body needs to burn off energy before it can get to the fat that’s stored in your body. Food only adds to the energy, making it harder to get to the fat. Have a light snack like some yogurt and berries rather than a full meal to get a power packed workout.

So take your workout to the next level by incorporating these five easy tips and see the difference.

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