For time immemorial, India has considered tea to be synonymous with chai – a milky, sweetened, and sometimes spiced blend of tea leaves. In more recent times though, green tea, oolong tea, and herbal teas have gained popularity, but they’re still consumed in their most basic forms. And, I’m here to change just that!

I initially understood tea only as the breakfast chai my parents drank to kick-start their days. That was until I discovered the infinite flavour combinations of tea during my travels in the chill of Boston and the spice markets of Turkey. It then dawned upon me that India has sparse knowledge of the variations of tea on offer because the best quality tea made in the country, in fact, all get exported. So, I took it upon myself to expose to the world’s second largest producer of tea how tea could be enjoyed in new and flavourful ways.

I founded Gardner Street in 2014 as a brand that experiments with fruits, flowers, herbs, and high-quality tea leaves to create an irresistible, healthy beverage that can be cherished at more than just the breakfast table. At Gardner Street, we seek out the best quality whole tea leaves and blend them with real, full-bodied herbs, flowers, and fruits to offer blends that delight your senses. Gardner Street is here to ensure that health and happiness are just a brew away!

- Rashi Sanghavi
Founder & CEO